Saturday, January 23, 2010


What you are looking at is four incomplete sweaters. Not pictured: three potential afghans. All but one of these projects were started within the last two weeks. What on earth was I thinking? That's all for now, no time to blog, must knit. Maybe I'll cast on a sock. Why is my eye twitching?


Diana said...

1) You are funny!

2) You knit fast - that's no small amount of knitting.

3) I'm going to see friends with a new baby this afternoon at 4. This morning at 7:18 I decided the baby needs a hat. Am I equally diseased?

Diana said...

Oh, and 4) If you do cast on a sock, Yippee! Another addict is born!

Goldiebug said...

LOL on you both! Very funny to read about the obsessed... ;-)