Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Block-A-Month afghan is done. It's been a bit more than a year since this was begun, but at least it hasn't been 2 years.


Also, you will notice, more than 12 blocks but less than 24, so I fulfilled the original idea, but not the personal goal. Still, I think it went rather well. Certainly could have been worse.


It Begins

It is time one again for our annual game of "Name That Sprout." For those of you new to our game, I am the world's most forgetful gardener, and have no idea what these new bits of life will become. In truth, I don't care, I'm just happy they are there, because it means spring is on its way.
This one I know. This is my hollyhock. If my calculations are correct, it will not bloom this year, just grow big and green in preparation for next year.

The mystery remains on this one.

Number three can be solved by looking back to last year's blog. Hyacinths, love them.

Also a mystery.

Day Lilies, I'm sure.

And the final sign that (despite snow forecast for later this week) spring is here,
A few weeks ago this was covered in snow. Plus the spring peepers are so loud we can barely sleep. Yay.