Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing Outside

Kate is an outside kind of girl, despite a new anti-bug problem we have encountered this spring. (Does this happen to every four-year-old, cause it's buggin' the crap outta me, pun intended. I don't approve of being afraid of bugs, even the stinging kind as they only do so in defense.) I first encountered the problem when I went into the garage to get something, and returned to find her crying. Upon questioning it was revealed that a bug had flown NEAR her, and this was apparently unacceptable. I informed the child that crying was not appropriate unless the bug had actually hurt her. Her reply, "It hurt my feelings." Try not laughing at that. Just try.

At least she doesn't burst into tears at the sight of a bug now, but she does that little panicked gasp and freezes. Drivin' me crazy.

Anyway, besides that, we are certainly enjoying this outdoor kind of weather. She starts every day with the comment, "Isn't it a beautiful sunny day." or "rainy day," or "foggy day," whatever applies, but always includes beautiful. Gotta love that kind of enthusiasm. Then, when it's getting late and time to go inside, she gets upset, and even cries because she's sure the snow is coming back and it's back to indoor playing. The other night she woke up in the night crying and when I went in and asked her what was wrong she said, "I'm sad because the sun went down." Needless to say, we are making the best of the weather.

So far this April we've managed to plant seeds, ride our bike, visit the playground, fly our kite, go on safari, drive our tractor,


And apparently applied to the ministry of silly walks. No reply yet from them.

Enjoy the spring, we certainly are.

Garden Update

The unbelievably beautiful weather continues. I was sitting in the chair at the beauty shop today and had to bite my tongue as I listened to two women complain that it would be only 50 today. Helloooo. This is NE Ohio in April. People are mowing their lawns. This weather is spectacular. In three months these same women are going to be griping that it is too hot. Makes me crazy every time.


The results of name that shoot:

Hyacinth (just regular, not grape.)

Narcissus (at least what I call narcissus.) Oddly enough I got two 3 foot rows of these and only one bloom.

Peony. I have 4 so far.

In addition:

Volunteer tulips. Never planted them, and the place this garden is located was yard when we moved in. It must have been garden long ago, cause now that the ground's tilled up...tulips.

and for our next round of name that perennial (or quick, save me from the aggressive weed I thought was a flower)




I'm very excited by that last one.

So the lower flower beds have been weeded and are ready for compost. The herb section of the upper bed is done as well, and the lemon balm, speedwell, lavender, oregano and thyme are all looking good. The sage, for some unknown reason is still unhappy after the haircut I gave it a few weeks ago, and the rosemary is beyond help I fear.

Yesterday Kate and I planted tomatoes and peppers in the seed starter, mostly for the library garden, I'll let you know when we have something there, and today we planted spinach for Rick. The strawberries are, as yet, a bust.

We'll keep you posted as things progress.
(BTW if anyone is actually reading this, I have no illusions that you actually care about the state of my garden, this is more of a "when did I do that, and what was planted there?" kinda thing for me. In the coming weeks and moths I'll get all confused and need to check back. Trust me.)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny Was Here....And There...

We are blessed with an abundance of family all around us, which means each holiday is celebrated several times, often in one day. The Easter Bunny, for instance, had some traveling to do to get all of the Bug's eggs hidden. He started at home.

Where he proved himself to be rather tall and also quite sneaky...

After church we learned that the Easter Bunny had also visited Aunt Chrissy's house. Here he was somewhat less sneaky. Note the three eggs in full view in this picture. Between Kate her twins, it was more of an egg race than an egg hunt.

And finally, before supper, it became clear that the bunny had also made a stop at Nona and Papa's where he was not as tall, but just as sneaky. (And where he forgot to tell Nona how many eggs were hidden, so we all had to participate a little bit.)

And where he apparently had the help of the Easter Moose.
(What, the Easter Moose doesn't visit your house?)

Fun with Captions

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" Mark Twain
The blueberries show signs of life.

In spite of winter winds.

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple" Jenny Joseph
This is the color she meant.

Mommy, don't you want to put up my trampoline right now?

Do I have something in my teeth?