Monday, January 25, 2010

How does Kate's garden grow?

My daughter and I have been cultivating the plants she got for Christmas. Indoor plants are not my forte in general. I tend to forget to water them or in fact that they exist at all. I do ok with outside plants because I have mother nature to back me up. She'll get things watered eventually. All that lives in the house are an African Violet and a Jade Plant because they enjoy being ignored for long periods of time. This Christmas, however, my daughter got two Amaryllis and an herb garden. Seeing as she is three, it's up to me to keep them alive. Things did not start well, when the dog stole one of the Amaryllis bulbs from under the tree and attempted to eat it. (If this is in some way bad for dogs, don't worry. It was weeks ago and he's still alive. Nor is that the worst thing he's eaten. The coil of wire and the tube of soldering compound are the worst and he never even threw up when he ate those.) Anyway, back to the plants. The herbs are doing well.

Although in my experience very small plants in very small pots can go south pretty fast, so I'm trying to keep an eye on them. Kate does too when she remembers.
The amaryllis are not moving along so well.

They are growing, but just fractionally compared to the huge growth an amaryllis is capable of. I'd blame the dog, but he only chewed on one bulb, not both, so it's probably lack of sunlight. This is a south window, but we haven't had much sun from any direction lately. Maybe when we get some sunlight, they will burst forth. Keep your fingers crossed. (P.S. if you never hear anything about these plants ever again, it's because I killed then and threw then into the compost when no one was looking. I'm like that.)

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Goldiebug said...

LOL on the ending to this post! I wish you luck with your plants; I know better by now than to ever bring green things into my life, because they can't bump me on the leg and meow when they need fed, so they never live long. :-)