Monday, January 25, 2010

A New Obsession

I'm a pretty avid raveler, and the other day I found something I really liked. I joined a group that is knitting a block a month through the year, each one a little different, with the goal of having a completed afghan at the end of it. It's a perfect idea for my knitting club, as it will relieve me from the stress of constantly having to come up with ideas for them, plus there's the knit-a-long aspect which means I'll have a little backup should any of the club members ask me a question to which I know no answer. (Happens more often than you'd think.) I've also started recruiting my friends cause I love this idea so much (although I've left my sock-knitter friend alone. She's pretty committed to her genre, so I'll not distract her from pretty socks and shawls. You're welcome Diana.)And finally, I'm so over the moon about this idea that I knit up two squares for January, all in two days, possibly developing a knitter's claw in the process. (My left hand aches even as I type this. I may have to give it a break today and knit some natural fiber. Acrylic seems to be harder to knit than wool.) So here's a pic of my work so far.

The green is caron simply soft, which I have enough of to do the whole afghan in some complimentary colors. (Why yes I had it all sitting in my stash. The fact that I had a whole afghan's worth of yarn sitting around is not shocking at all, is it?) The blue is knit from an unlabeled ball I found at work. I'm pretty sure it's acrylic and that's all I know about it. I like to live dangerously. So it looks like I'll have two afghans in December. Stay tuned to see if I can keep up this pace.

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Goldiebug said...

Oooh, pretty colors! Great idea to do a big project with your clubbers. I hope it goes well for you guys. {cringing at thought of "knitter's claw," which I know I would have after only a few minutes of attempting to knit. In my case, Carpal Tunnel Claw}