Friday, July 11, 2008

Kelly's Island--Day Two

Lovely quiet morning on the island. We enjoyed a semi-healthy breakfast and packed up the van for a drive around the island. (This vacation was a constant exercise in packing the right stuff for every eventuality--are we swimming, are we hiking, do we need lunch, snacks, juice boxes? The Bug doesn't understand that Mommy forgot. If she wants something, I better have it!) We drove out toward the east end of the island, finding only developments and private beaches, and we found the airfield. This was really funny. There is a stop sign in the middle of a road and a big sign, "Danger, low flying aircraft." You have to stop and look both ways for planes. We stopped at a parking spot and decided to hike into the nature preserve. We were supposed to find North Pond, but we took a different turn and found a nice quiet beach instead. Since I happened to have Bug's swimsuit in my pack, we decided to try swimming. This turned out to be much more difficult than I thought. The kid didn't want to be in the water, she didn't want to be out of the water, she was scared of the lake, she wanted mommy to hold her, she wanted mommy to get in the water. It went on and on. Daddy finally tricked her into the water by offering her great rocks and holding them just out of her reach. She had to go just a few inches further into the water each time to get them. Daddy also moved the stinky dead fish, so she could wander up and down the beach at will. Daddies are good for lots of things. There was a great sandbar out from the beach. Bug could walk some distance out in the water and it was never over her waist. She had a lovely time, but then it was time to get all three of us back to the van without carrying half the beach in our swimsuits and shoes. Well, it was a goal to aim for, but I'm not sure how well we achieved it. After our swim we had some good pizza at the Wine Co. and Bug fell asleep in my lap during the meal. We took her back to the room and Daddy sat in the room with her, while I went downstairs to the patio to knit. That evening we visited the Kelly's Island Public Library. It was a beautiful little building, wide open, light and full of really good stuff. They had some great toys and things for little ones, so Bug has a good time while Mommy snooped around. Then we went back to the Bed and Breakfast, got on the bikes and rode out to the West Bay Inn to have dinner and watch the sunset. This place must get by basically on the view and the fact that there is nothing else that close. If we hadn't come on the bikes we would have gone somewhere else. The food was pretty good but the service was terrible. We were ignored for at least 20 minutes before we moved tables to find a better waitress. Things got better after that, but I was still pretty annoyed. Bug
wasn't as tired this night, so getting her to sleep was harder, but we managed. (I left out the part where I didn't pack enough diapers and panicked and we ran to all the stores and didn't find them and panicked some more until a nice shop owner promised to pick them up for us on his weekly run.

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