Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Family Vacation

So my husband decided we needed to have a real family vacation; get away from it all, including the rest of the family and our rather time consuming house. For this, our first expedition into the wider world as a family of three, he chose Kelley's Island, floating gracefully in the wavy waters of Lake Erie. I was excited about this trip, with the slight reservation that I would spend a great deal of my time worrying about ferry boat times, and getting there on time. (I was right.) We left our house in a new/used minivan packed full of two-year-old diversions and 31-year-old diversions including a DVD player, Dora DVD's, a laptop computer, and a minor knitting project. We arrived, as stated previously, perfectly on time for the ferry from Marblehead. The Bug loved the boat, and after I rescued her hat from blowing off to Canada and changed her pants after she peed on me, we had a lovely crossing. We drove onto the island to find our Bed and Breakfast. We arrived only slightly late, unpacked a few items and took off on the bikes to see the sights. I was somewhat surprised at the number of houses and people on the island. I expected it to be much quieter. We took the long ride down Division Street to the North Side of the island. It was one of those terribly long uphill grades that really wipes me out on a bicycle, and I wasn't carrying 30 extra pounds of toddler. My husband really is a champ when it comes to lugging around the Bug. We saw the Glacial Grooves, a prehistoric glacier's footprint. This was pretty cool considering Lake Eries itself is really just one big Glacial Groove! After walking around up by the Groove, we went down to the beach which was of much more interest to the Bug:-) She was somewhat upset when we didn't let her swim in her clothes, but she settled for building a sand castle and getting really dirty. The beach was pretty busy, and some previous guests had left some interesting artwork. A lovely mermaid made out of leaves and seaweed was pretty cool.

After our beach adventure we biked back to the center of town and saw two deer along the way. There wasn't an abundance of wildlife on the island, but what was there was decidedly unafraid of humans. They pretty much looked at us as if wondering, "What's the big deal?" We went to the Pump for dinner; A nice little bar/restaurant, just loud enough to cover any noise my kid might make while objecting to her dinner. We biked back to the Bed and Breakfast and enjoyed an interesting conversation with a teacher from the island. She had some fascinating things to say about island life. We went off to bed, and Bug was so sleepy, she fell asleep with no coaxing whatsoever. There was a minor problem when she fell out of bed in the middle of the night, but we all got over it and slept well till morning. More fun to come. (By the way, only a toddler's parent can say they enjoyed a day that includes being peed on.)

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