Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kelly's Island--Day Four

Up not-so-early for breakfast outside again. We kept the Bug outside every morning so it didn't matter when she scattered Cheerios all over place. Bug and Carson played for quite some time and I got some adorable pictures of them both while Bug's Daddy packed the car. We said goodbye and went downtown to get me a smoothie. They make these yummy parfait smoothies call Glacial Grooves. I had a Very Berry and it was tasty. Then it was back on the ferry. We all went up on the top deck to check out the view and take some final pictures of the island as it got smaller and smaller. Then we were off to the African Wildlife Safari Park. OK, so this is an interesting concept. You buy cups of animal food and feed the animals out of the windows of your car. Sounds like fun right? Well, it is, until the buffalo sticks its entire head in the window of the car and decides to stay awhile. Daddy had buffalo drool running down his leg and we left with a long nose smear on the side of the van. The best part was the giraffe at the end who was gracefully snitching carrots out of car windows. As we past him, something spooked him and he ran off. A running giraffe is quite a site. They look like they are running in slow motion while actually covering vast amounts of ground. We also saw a white zebra. We didn't get many pictures as I had my lap full of excited two-year-old and my hands full of food. We took a stroll through the small zoo on the property, and then there was the highlight of this vacation. We decided to see if Bug would like a pony ride. We asked her, and she said, "YES!" She was so excited that she yelled when two other little girls were in line ahead of her. Once it was her turn, she got right on the pony like she did it every day. This was when I expected her to figure out that I wasn't going with her and freak out. Instead she went right around the track and never made a peep. No crying, no looking for mommy, not problems at all. Then it was time to get off. Again I expected crying and screaming. She came right off into my arms like the world's best behaved kid,(which I know she is not.) I want to tell you I was proud, but really I was completely shocked. After that it was into the car and sleep on the ride home. (This kid, not the parents...OK maybe I closed my eyes for a minute or two.) A great vacation. Thanks Daddy:-)

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