Monday, July 7, 2008

Kelly's Island

Arrived at the ferry perfectly on time. Drove right on board and crossed in less than 30 minutes. Watched two ferries pass going the opposite direction. Everyone was leaving the island while we were coming over. It was supposed to be quiet, but on Sunday afternoon the place was still hopping. Drove around for awhile looking for our Bed and Breakfast. Found it after only one wrong turn. (It's an island, how wrong can you get) Took the bikes out for a drive, and already there were fewer people. We saw the glacial grooves, walked on the beach a little and stopped in town for ice cream. Saw two deer on our way back. None of them seem very frightened of people. Had dinner at the Pump and then stopped for ice cream. Got back to the house and sat out back on the patio for the evening. Bug went to sleep on her own, curled up in the bed. (That's not what is happening now!) And she only fell out of bed once!

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