Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Today was my daughter's third Fourth of July Parade. She refused to
wear her ear plugs even though Mommy wore them too. Then, when the
firetrucks came by running their sirens, she cried, had to held, and
basically was miserable.

Basic two-year-old concept: "I will refuse to do anything Mommy and Daddy want me to do, even if it is exactly what I need."

Basic Parenting conundrum: "Do I make my kid do what I want, and ruin a once-a-year parade with a tantrum, or do I let her have her way, and maybe enjoy some of the parade?"

I think we both need a nap. She's supposed to be getting one now. What she is doing is talking to herself and kicking the wall beside her bed. (And I'm doing this.)

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