Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kelly's Island--Day Three

We got a tip on a great playground, and went over to Addison to play. Bug had a great time although the slides were already too hot. We dropped the van back at the B&B and walked down to the Jet Express Dock. Bug loved the boat ride so much that she cried when it was time to get off. Daddy rented us a golf cart with a truly disgusting baby seat for Bug and we went off to the Put-In-Bay Memorial. It was beautiful and Bug was happy way up at the top, but Daddy and I were holding on pretty tight. We could see Kelly's Island, Pelee Island, Middle Bass, and several smaller islands. I took a bunch of pics and gave Daddy the camera and he took the same pics I had. After finding exactly where we were in the world, we went back down to earth and caught a snake demonstration on our way out. A very nice ranger showed us an all black garter snake, a fox snake and another one we can't remember the name of. After that, we attempted to get lost on South Bay Island by holding the map upside down (OK that was me) but it was too small to really lose ourselves. Then we bought the Bug a Jr. Ranger hat which she loved and took her for a carousel ride, which she wasn't so sure about. She held onto me for dear life and had the terrible "save me" look on her face the whole time. We found a lovely little Italian restaurant for lunch. We specifically ordered meals that didn't include fries so that bug wouldn't want them instead of her meal, and then her meal came with fries. Luckily they were waffle fries which she'd never seen so she didn't realize she had fries and ate her lunch. After that Mommy started to get really tense about an approaching storm. We tried to find something to do with the few minutes we had left before the ferry, but the storm hit in the mean time and Daddy got soaked while Bug and I hid out in a Dairy Queen. We made it back to the ferry dock and caught our boat back home. We still had to walk back to the B&B in the rain. One kind soul on his front porch even offered us a ride. (We were almost home.) We got dried off and Bug watched some TV with Carson while we relaxed a bit. We drove downtown for dinner at Bag the Moon. Not the best food we ate, but very nice staff. Bug fell asleep on the way there, and woke up just as we were done. We ordered her some food, but she was too crabby to eat it, so we took it to go. We wandered around a bit, bought a few souvenirs, including a shiny fish for Bug and a very green dress for me. I made Bug's Daddy stop at Inscription Rock, despite the fact that it is all historical and stuff. The rock is mostly worn away, and I was a bit more interested in the baby barn swallows fledging in the rafters than in the prehistoric artwork. Back home for some TV and sleep.

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