Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where the blimps sleep,

We had another big day with Nona and Papa.

We visited Wingfoot Lake. It's a new State Park in our area that used to be a recreational facility for Goodyear Tire Co. Just across the lake from the park, is a hangar for Goodyear Blimps. It's a great place with a wonderful playground, tennis courts, picnic areas and a disc golf course. If you are scratching your head over that one, click here.

We played on the playground, admired some baby goslings, had a picnic lunch and took a quick walk around the grounds. While we were standing on the boat dock, we saw the blimp come in over the trees.

It's a pretty awesome sight up close, though we were not as close as Nona and Papa got on Sunday when they were in their kayaks on the lake. While we watched they snagged the cables on the front, and backed the thing into the hangar. I'll have a video of that for you tomorrow, but it might take all night upload. (The Blimp moves pretty slowly.)

Next we searched for four leaf clovers.

Kate carried her own snacks on the hike in her butterfly backpack.

After our walk, we took Kate for her first round of putt-putt. I don't have much hope for her on the WPGA tour:

But we ended the day with ice cream, so overall, a successful day.


Anonymous said...

so cute! and you know I love the blimp. Will have to check out the park, been meaning to.

Kristal said...

Found your site searching for info on Putt putt at this park - I heard that if you bring your own clubs during the week it's free, do you know if that is true?