Monday, May 9, 2011

We wait in hope

So, we are finally nearing the point in our warmer weather where we are almost brave enough to believe it's really spring. The rain has stopped for a few days, although the yard is still squishy and requires gum boots in most places. We are playing outside without jackets and the flower beds are cleaned out for the season.

Yesterday my dad came over with his wader boots and went out to check on the wood duck box. He saw several eggs, but no wood duck. We though this was not good. This morning there was a worse sign. Instead of the daddy wood duck sitting on the box, there was a juvenile red tailed hawk. I'm pretty sure he didn't eat our daddy duck, but I'm sure he gave him a scare. Today dad came over and installed a raccoon baffle to keep the eggs safe.
I was ready to give up on the eggs after spotting the hawk this morning, but apparently dad still has faith. We'll see.

Meanwhile this little guy
has moved into Fort Katie. He's a cute little tree frog. They are usually hard to spot but his camouflage doesn't quite match the redwood stain.

Dad also installed this for me.
The bluebirds are probably all nested by now, but they might use this for a second round of babies.

And I set up my birthday present:
Something to keep me from mowing up my garden hose. Kate and I planted pumpkin seeds today, and her zucchini seeds are coming along.

So baby plants and baby birds are all the world right now. There's not much we can do in either situation but wait in hope.

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