Saturday, May 21, 2011

Garden Log

On our first truly nice day, here's what's been accomplished:

Library Garden: half tilled, six tomatoes and two zucchini plants in. 3 ft. of peas, and 3 ft. of radishes planted. One jalapeno pot planted.

Home Garden: Two rows of peas planted, one early girl tomato pot planted. garden half weeded (it was the easy half.)

Wildlife update: We are overrun with toads, but they are not enough to eat all the ticks yet. I saw a bald eagle cruising above the library this morning before we opened. Rick saw a very large snapping turtle in the pond today, and it happened to be eating the remains of a black snake in the pond. The tail end that Rick fished out was about 2 inches in diameter about 6 inches up from the tip of the tail. That means he was pretty darn big.

I emptied 3/8 of an inch from the rain gauge this evening.

That's all for now. Too tired to type.

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Anonymous said...

ewww on the snake!! even digested, that's gross.