Friday, June 4, 2010

Touring the yard with Kate

Mommy and I like to go on safari in our yard, and this time she let me take pictures.

Here is my playground. Daddy built it and put up swings for me and my cousins, but I don't like my swing, I like Alex's best.

I built this wind sock with Nona and Papa. Isn't it pretty. I made sure it is pink, cause that's the only color I like.

Look, Mommy and I are growing sunflowers.

Daddy built something in the yard for Mommy to play with too. She seems to play with it a lot. I help by handing her pins.

Doesn't she look happy?

Look, isn't that a pretty blue shoe?
Well, that's today's safari, maybe next time we'll see a zebra.


Diana said...

Awww, good job, Katie! You'll have your very own blog before you know it!

And BTW, Sarah and I bought new dye colors and now we have about six colors of pink... (tempts)

Anonymous said...

Oh too cute! Great job Katie!