Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Losers, vol. 1: Ante Up The Losers, vol. 1: Ante Up by Andy Diggle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I'm in love. I admit, I read this in preparation for the movie, but even if the film gets the characters absolutely perfect, there's no way it can compete with the visuals in this GN. The story is simple enough so I didn't lose the thread in all the action, but Aisha's storyline brings enough mystery so that I'm not bored. (And by the way, best entrance by a female lead EVER.) The sarcastic humor is just right for a bunch of fatalistic guys who've gotten over the whole fearing death thing and are just gettin on with what needs done. (Favorite line, Jensen: Hack this Mo@#$%%^^) But really it's all about the look of the thing. The highly angled cover shots of the whole team, bristling with weaponry are awesome, and each character is so clearly delineated via clothes, expressions, and mannerisms you feel like you know exactly who they are at first glance. Seriously, I don't think I saw Cougar's face anywhere in the volume except on the cover, and I'm still half in love with just a hat, a chin and a ponytail. I gotta find me book 2.

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Diana said...

Wow, now I want to read this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this sounds really fun. How come I'd never heard of it?? Must be falling down on the job...