Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kate's artistic expression

Mommy let me take some more pictures.

This is the 'mote control. It has lots of colors. We need it to turn on the TV. It also turns off the TV, but I don't like that as much. It belongs to me and my mommy and daddy (but mostly to daddy.) It is shaped like a rectangle and it's long and skinny. It picks the channels that we want to watch. It is on a footstool that rocks. I am not allowed to play on the rocking footstool. It gives me boo boos.

This is my ball. It's really really red, and it's really really round.

I call this one "Yellow". I really like it.

Mommy is knitting this blanket for me. It's really really pink. Mommy does not really really like it. She really really does not like pink, but she does like me.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Nice to know that about you and the color pink. Same here (hence the rapid repainting of certain areas of my house).