Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

So we've created a Father's Day tradition without really meaning to. Yesterday we took the boats up to the Cuyahoga River in Mantua and paddled up and back for a bit. The weather was exceptionally warm, the deer flies were biting and the current was strong, but we managed a few nice moments. Mom and Dad were in their kayaks. I would dearly love to have been in mine, but there is little room for a four-year-old in there with me. Sigh, the sacrifices we make to be parents. Kate had a good time apart from her aversion to damsel flies. We didn't tell her about this one.

And on the way back to the van she took my seat and practiced paddling.

As we were now headed downstream, she was pretty impressed with how fast we were moving. "Mommy must really be a wimp. We were moving so slow when she sat here."

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Anonymous said...

That's great!! Too cute. Regular little speedboater there. I see that Kent has a canoe livery now, and I'm hoping to go out sometime this summer. I haven't canoed in ages. Not that I ever went more than once a year...but it's fun, after my arms get used to it.