Monday, June 28, 2010

Katie's Pictures

My green dress is really really stripy. I wear shoes under it. I like it so much.

These are my sand statues. They are colored. Mommy and I made them today. Aunt Chrissy gave them to me for Christmas. They have corks to hold the sand in. I think they are very pretty. They are plastic. I am putting them with other important things in the dining room.

This climbing wall is for me to climb. Me and my daddy built it. It's attached to my fort. I use my hands and feet to climb up. I'm going to move lots of stuff into my fort.

Mommy says I can type a little now.


Diana said...

Wow, Katie's getting to be quite the blogger. I should take her on my next vacation; I'm sure she'd do a better job of documenting it than I do.

Anonymous said...

Well done Katie! I especially like your sand statues, very pretty. And what a cool fort/wall.