Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By George, I think they've got it!

I'm the one who always says that we don't need presents. Until three years ago, I was usually the youngest one at family gatherings, and it started to be downright silly that we still bought Christmas and Birthday presents. Seriously, I'm a grownup and I don't need all this stuff. Really. And now there's a little girl who is more than happy to benefit from presents. She so much fun to watch tearing into gifts, what more do we need. So this year, when my parents came back from their yearly Canadian vacation, I expected only this:

And maybe one of these:

Cause they are the best Canada has to offer in the way of souvenirs right? But mom came home with this:

How could I forget about Patons?
And then my lovely aunt was at a craft show and I became the proud owner of this:

Alpaca Yarn Co. Classic Alpaca. Dude yarn can be a present? I take it all back. I'm never too old for presents. Bring on the presents. Do you have a present for me?

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