Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not My Fault

So, I have a lot of yarn. I'm not in the running for stash of the year or the stash that ate Ohio or anything, but I've got lots of the stuff. My mom bought me a plastic bin in which to store my yarn last year for Christmas and I might have laughed in her face at the idea that my yarn would fit in one bin. I've only been no collecting yarn for about two years, and I only...mostly....sometimes buy it for specific projects, so there shouldn't be extra lying around right? Well, anyway, the upshot of this situation is that I have way too much yarn and way too many projects waiting for my knitting needles. I have no reason to buy more. None. And yet.....

But it totally wasn't my fault, I swear. I met my friend at the store to pick out yarn for a project she wanted to start. I admit this was a tactical error where yarn purchasing is concerned, but I had my defenses in place. I carried my knitting bag with me, so that I was physically lugging around three actual unfinished projects in the store. What kind of nut would buy more yarn with that kind of albatross around her neck? Plus I'm kinda cheap, and I really have developed a resistance to cheaper yarns, so I figured I could depend on my skinflint nature to protect me from the more expensive stuff. But then....

It was on sale. And my friend really wanted to do this project with a friend. And it was really pretty. And it was wool. Washable wool. And the project was in my queue to do one day anyway. And.....crap.

These are now stashed in my ravelry account under "Jens fault". Honestly, I did everything I could.

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