Monday, December 28, 2009

Cleaning Up

First, an update: the turkey is disposed of, the kitchen is marginally clean, and the dining room, well the dining room could have used another sweater mistake. The sweater is completely frogged and the yarn returned to the stash, to fight again another day.

Today I am cleaning up the stash. You see several months ago, I unwisely accepted some yarn from a patron, sight unseen. No yarn is bad right? Right? Well, not to offend anyone, but wrong. Some yarn is bad bad bad. And yet, I can't quite give it away or throw it out. The result, I am trying to use it up as fast as I can so as to be able to deny all knowledge of its existence. My mission, turn this:

Into this:

What do ya think? My theory is that it is a washcloth. I don't even fold my washcloths,so why should I care if the colors even remotely match? Yeah, I don't care. The only problem that remains is that while several peaches and cream ball bands were found in the bag of scraps, I'm not at all certain that everything in there is cotton. Wish me luck.

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Diana said...

You should try a burn test on any mystery yarn - one description of how to do it is here:
but there are lots of links if you Google.
Glad you had a Merry Christmas! Christmas chez Parker was pretty awesome too - my brother was up for a week and I got to hang out with him and my dad for four or five days.