Sunday, May 30, 2010

What A Haul!

Today family and friends and I visited The Great Lakes Fiber Show. (I would link to their website here but it mysteriously disappeared just today. Make getting directions there kinda interesting.) The day was beautiful, although a tad warm. Kate met some very nice alpacas, sheep and rabbits. Mom wandered about looking for yarn to use for the patterns in this book, (her birthday present). Aunt Hazel trolled for good stories to write about. Dad spoiled Kate as often as possible, and Rick followed me around with an indulgent look on his face encouraging me to spend money. Of course he knows that the more I spend on my hobby, the more he gets to spend on his. And I fell for it. He had some help from my friend Diana who brought along her friend Sarah. They have lots more knitting, spinning and dyeing experience than me, and are looking to get me some more. Once again, mission accomplished.

The place was filled with lovely things being sold by even lovelier people. like this:

from Winding Creek Alpacas and Llamas 4 oz. of Alpaca Rovings.
When I learn to spin I bet it will be beautiful. (FYI that's sarcasm, it'll be some time before I learn to spin and my first efforts won't be beautiful.)
I also picked up this.

Also 4 oz. of alpaca roving from Blumoon Valley Alpacas
I scored some yarn from Creatively Dyed Yarns, and Weaver's Loft. And my most prized acquisition, 144 yds. of handspun rambouillet worsted weight. A recently reintroduced family friend has offered me some of her handspun, and after a token refusal, I scarfed it up like potato chips. Basically, by the end of the day, Kate had to walk because I had purchased a Kate sized amount of yarn.

Once the heat got a bit much, we said our goodbyes and headed home. Diana's trip home was a bit more interesting than ours. See here. I'd write more, but I've got to go roll around in all my new treasures.


Diana said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely day, made more lovely by your presence. Thanks for putting me up to coming.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading both your accounts of the day. "Kate-sized amount of yarn," HA! I was surprised Diana didn't buy that much too! I look forward to seeing what you make out of it, it looks beautiful.