Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Good Start

The days are getting much hotter around here, so my April/May routine of coming home during my lunch hour to let out the dog and weed the garden is not working anymore. (They don't appreciate it when I arrive back at work covered in sweat with dandelion leaves stuck to various parts of my self.) So this morning we were up at 7:00 to weed and water everyone before it got too hot. For the most part, all the plants are enjoying the warmer weather. The blue speedwell is blooming:

It usually starts out in a nice round mound like this. However, after a few days we get this kind of halo effect.

Any ideas? Too much water, not enough? Anyway, it kinda ruins the effect. We aren't harvesting much from the garden yet, but I did make a spinach omelet this morning. My favorite thing to order at the local coffee shop is spinach quiche, so I figured this is close right?

You know, minus the crust and several pounds of butter. (Although I'm no slouch with the butter myself.)

And finally, we'll end with a public safety announcement. Do not go outside early in the morning to weed without your glasses. Otherwise you will be within two feet of this

before you see it and scream like a little girl. This is the second turtle to turn up in our flower bed in three days. They are laying their eggs there. (The dirt is already loose enough to dig. Turtles are slow, but not dumb.) The other was slightly larger and most definitely a snapper. This one is smaller and also a snapper I believe, but I couldn't swear to it. It sure woke me up, either way. Have a great day.


Diana said...

Oh my gosh you crack me up girl! Turtle encounters before breakfast! (Hey, lil ole Spike needs a friend over here at SMFPL - maybe you could catch one for us...)

Also you awe me. Can you come work in my garden? Really? Because thus far my total garden efforts this year have consisted of a ten minute weed-pull, which cleared a space about ten feet by two. I have some gorgeous peonies, but they are embedded in clover.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Close encounters of the Turtle Kind!! Lovely flowers you have, I am most impressed. Someday when I have finished unpacking (!) you'll have to come over and give me gardening advice for my new space. I may not get around to *implementing* said advice, but would still welcome suggestions for plant-type stuff.