Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Log May 23

Well, we have officially eaten something out of the garden. Hurray. Rick loves baby spinach, so he gets a little salad out of that planter, and I pick the big leaves and cook them into things where they won't be noticed much, but will hopefully impart some nutrients. Tonight I hid it in some taco pie.

The vegetable garden was finished today. We planted six tomatoes and two broccoli plants. Last year I had WAY too many tomato plants and they all got blight and died, so this year I'm going to subscribe to the, "give them lots of room so light can reach the bottoms" line of thinking. I hope I won't regret it. We put in two early girls, two better boys and one heirloom called red beefsteak. Along with a cherry tomato. I've also got four cherry tomatoes in pots on the porch. I'm terrified they won't make it and I'll be tomato-less this summer, but I'm trying hard to remember how crazy it was last year with something like 15 or 20 tomato plants. NUTS.

As for seeds, Kate and I planted two rows of carrots, two hills of zucchini, one of yellow squash, and two rows of onions. There are two rows of onion sets as well. Rick really likes green onions, so I'm trying to provide. There are also four green pepper plants in the upper garden. It's hot up there, and I'm hoping they like it.

And now...on to the bragging.

The white peonies are blooming, although they are also falling over.

And the reds are about to bust out.

The ice plant is really making up for last year.

And my pride and joy, a lupine. I'm just about busting over this one.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! Ich liebe Lupinen! (er, sorry, ya got me in German mode over your lupines; we saw them a lot in Germany and when I think of them I picture my mom talking about them in German) Beautiful garden, yummy stuff planted. Did I tell you I have peonies too?? By default, they came with the house ;-)