Sunday, July 25, 2010


The summer fun continues. We took Kate to Lake Erie last Sunday with all her grandparents. When we arrived she got to try her hand at fishing.

Aside from her daddy thinking she was going to cast herself in to water along with the rod, she did pretty well. She absolutely loves fishing the way any kids does who's never actually pulled one out of the water and had to deal with all the flapping and gasping. After she got tired of fishing, we headed for the beach.
She had a lovely time splashing in the water and playing in the sand. Just like most kids she tried to take the whole beach home with her. We managed to limit her to one bucket of rocks and all the sand she could carry inside her bathing suit. We had to use the hose to clean her off when we got back to the cottage. Do you think she enjoyed herself?

On Monday Kate earned enough stickers on the chore chart to go letterboxing, our new hobby. After a few false starts on a badly marked trail, we followed the clues and got another stamp for our notebook. Here's the face of a kid who has no idea what poison ivy looks like. (It was everywhere, but that was Monday, and we haven't gotten it yet, so we got really lucky.)

And yesterday we enjoyed a picnic in Kate's new fort. What fun!

Happy Summer!

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Christina said...

oh wow, how much fun was all that! As always, love your descriptions, they make me smile!