Sunday, July 25, 2010

The other...

The weather has been hotter than blue blazes, the perfect time to finish a knitted blanket right? Of course. Here is Kate's new blanket. She chose the colors herself, and I labeled it painfully pink. I've spent most of my time since we first found out Kate was a girl fighting the pink thing. I hate pink. Her room is painted yellow, and her crib set was green. I informed everyone who was invited to my showers that I hated pink, and yet, four years later, the kids adores pink. What's a mommy to do, but provide.

The pattern is based on an idea from Mason Dixon Knitting and was dictated by how tired I was of each particular color at the time. It's knit from basic red heart acrylic because if Kate actually uses it, it'll need to be washable and durable.

I'm now working on a cotton tank top that will probably be done just in time for Christmas, cause that's how I roll.

We had a big old storm last night, and I'll sign off the same way the storm did, with a rainbow.

If you look very closely you can just see the ghost of a second rainbow a little to the right.


Christina said...

WTH? Been trying repeatedly to comment here, it's not working, and LJ doesn't accept it either. Sigh.

Pretty rainbow! And pretty Pepto-pink blankie. :-) (I feel the same way you do about pink) Nice job on knitting it though, wow. I'm sure Kate will love it and use it a lot.

Diana said...

I saw this on Ravelry! Looks great - hope Katie loves it. I had a pink blankie when I was a little girl, and I loved it until it was nothing but a tatter!