Monday, July 26, 2010

People are funny.

Human beings are funny creatures, filled with habits that serve no purpose and assumed responsibilities where none exist. Kate and I set out today to pick blueberries. My grandmother has three well established blueberry bushes that she doesn't use so we went out there to clean them up. There weren't many so we decided to check the black raspberry bushes. We've always picked them in the same place at Gram's so I visited all the usual spots. No luck there. I figured when we got home we'd use some frozen blueberries to round out the pie. When we got home Kate and I checked out our home blueberry bushes, since we were thinking about it. These were planted last year and are still in the growing stages. We've picked about a cup over the summer, but that is more than we expected. As I'm bending over the cages around the blueberry bushes, I looked up and there, not a foot from my face is a perfectly ripe blackberry.

Yup, drove 10 miles and fed a bunch of horseflies to look for what was in my backyard, cause we "always pick berries at Gram's." Am I in a rut? Anyway, we did add a few frozen berries, including some strawberries to make a delicious smelling pie. I spent some time thinking that I should make a scratch pie crust, but then I decided a store bought crust pie was better than no pie at all, which would have been the case. It was a toss up between shaming my family with a pillsbury crust or shocking them by wasting fresh fruit. I picked the option that included pie. Kate insisted it be a smiling pie as well.

After the pie went in the oven we went out to investigate what else was in the garden. I got two more tomatoes, a big green pepper, and ... more zucchini. We have two plant. I'm to the point in the season when I'm letting them get entirely too big because that means there will be less zucchini over all. However big zucchini are not as appetizing as tiny tender ones. I should just let them go, or ever pull out the plants, but will I... That would be a waste of food silly. Of course I won't. So what do we do with giant zuchs? Well, I cut them up, clean out the seeds, shred them and freeze them. Did you know the inside of a zucchini smells vaguely like the inside of a pumpkin. You can definitely tell they are related. Put up 8 quarts today, and after all that, here's what's left.

These will most likely go to feed the chickens at my parents, cause I can only use so much frozen zucchini. But they won't go to waste. That would be against my genetic imperative. Is anyone else this wound up over fresh produce, or is it just me. Here's the punchline... nobody in my family cares in the least. It's all in my head. The inside of my skull is it's own little theme park, what can I say. This is the same brain that passes over the quality wool in my stash to use up the gross acrylic, just so it will be gone. Life with me is such fun.

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Goldiebug said...

MMM those berries look tasty! (and the zuchs) I'm glad you chose the easier pie crust option; don't guilt yourself over it, life's too short! And I'm sure many other gardeners have the same reluctance as you to not eat every single thing they've grown, it's natural.

And, I think your brain would be a really fun theme park to hang out in. It certainly makes me laugh a lot! :-)