Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing Outside

Kate is an outside kind of girl, despite a new anti-bug problem we have encountered this spring. (Does this happen to every four-year-old, cause it's buggin' the crap outta me, pun intended. I don't approve of being afraid of bugs, even the stinging kind as they only do so in defense.) I first encountered the problem when I went into the garage to get something, and returned to find her crying. Upon questioning it was revealed that a bug had flown NEAR her, and this was apparently unacceptable. I informed the child that crying was not appropriate unless the bug had actually hurt her. Her reply, "It hurt my feelings." Try not laughing at that. Just try.

At least she doesn't burst into tears at the sight of a bug now, but she does that little panicked gasp and freezes. Drivin' me crazy.

Anyway, besides that, we are certainly enjoying this outdoor kind of weather. She starts every day with the comment, "Isn't it a beautiful sunny day." or "rainy day," or "foggy day," whatever applies, but always includes beautiful. Gotta love that kind of enthusiasm. Then, when it's getting late and time to go inside, she gets upset, and even cries because she's sure the snow is coming back and it's back to indoor playing. The other night she woke up in the night crying and when I went in and asked her what was wrong she said, "I'm sad because the sun went down." Needless to say, we are making the best of the weather.

So far this April we've managed to plant seeds, ride our bike, visit the playground, fly our kite, go on safari, drive our tractor,


And apparently applied to the ministry of silly walks. No reply yet from them.

Enjoy the spring, we certainly are.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, that is sooooo adorable! Haha on Ministry of Silly Walks!! yess! Dear Kate, what a charmer. And totally your daughter, to love the outdoors! She hasn't ever been actually stung or bitten, has she? So she's not remembering that when afraid of flying insects? Hmmm. Thanks for the smile today, on this "beautiful sunny day."