Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Bunny Was Here....And There...

We are blessed with an abundance of family all around us, which means each holiday is celebrated several times, often in one day. The Easter Bunny, for instance, had some traveling to do to get all of the Bug's eggs hidden. He started at home.

Where he proved himself to be rather tall and also quite sneaky...

After church we learned that the Easter Bunny had also visited Aunt Chrissy's house. Here he was somewhat less sneaky. Note the three eggs in full view in this picture. Between Kate her twins, it was more of an egg race than an egg hunt.

And finally, before supper, it became clear that the bunny had also made a stop at Nona and Papa's where he was not as tall, but just as sneaky. (And where he forgot to tell Nona how many eggs were hidden, so we all had to participate a little bit.)

And where he apparently had the help of the Easter Moose.
(What, the Easter Moose doesn't visit your house?)

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Anonymous said...

Again with the "awww, how cute!!" Sorry I didn't see this actually closer to Easter. Oh well, at least I got here before the next major holiday. :-)