Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sailor's Delight

My first finished pair of socks require their own blog entry right?

So here they are. I used the Yarn Harlot's simple sock pattern from this book, and added the Sailor's Delight pattern from this book. I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lava Heather, part of my Christmas present from the husband, and there's lots left.

The bottom line is, I don't think I would mind doing another pair of socks, but I can tell I don't have the patience for it in sock weight yarn. All those little tiny stitches kinda give me a twitch. I think that's why sock yarn comes in such delicious colors. It's a bribe to get you to knit with dental floss. I'll stick to worsted weight knitting for now, thanks. I gave this pair to my dad to warm his feet during syrup season. Why, you may ask, didn't I give them to the husband who bought me all that yarn? After all, they fit. His feet are in these pictures. I'll tell you why. When I was ready to turn the heel, I put the socks on him to get an idea for the size and he said....."Why do they have holes in them?" No socks for you!


Diana said...

Well, maybe not LACE socks - but you can still give him ones with knit/purl patterns or just plain stockinette. I made a couple pairs of plain stockinette boot socks in worsted for myself and I just LOVE them for dog-walking!

Anonymous said...

I learn the most interesting terms from you crazy knitters: "stockinette"?? "worsted"?? (that one sounds like either the grammar police need to be called, or it's related to yummy "wurst" and I'll be disappointed if I try to eat it) I'll stick to my boring store-bought socks, no fancy names needed... ;-) (Really I am just jealous that you guys can make these things, while I can barely tie a knot)