Thursday, March 4, 2010

now that's a snowman...

We've been having quite a winter in NE Ohio. Enough snow fell to last weeks. I got to ski quite a bit, and several attempts were made at snowmen. The problem was, the snow was never quite right for packing when we were ready to do the job. Of course when the snow is right for packing, it's usually too heavy for me to make a really spectacular snowman. This weekend we pressed Daddy into service with impressive results.

After a short and definitive snowball fight that resulted in a load of snow down my neck, we moved on to sliding down the slide into a pile of snow. Look, my new camera caught an action shot...

While inside the house, Kate's Christmas Amaryllis seems intent on making up for it's lack of height with a plethora of blooms.

This would be blooms number 5 and 6 emerging and it ain't over yet. Did you know plants can have a Napoleon complex?

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