Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garden Log: Day One

It does not escape my notice that my last blog entry concerns a snowman, while this one will be about the garden, but the weather has been so darn beautiful, I just can't help it.

The garden was not put to bed properly last fall, so things will not go as smoothly as should do this spring. Perhaps an early start won't hurt. Rick tilled both the fenced garden and part of the bed by the house, after Kate and I put a stake next to anything we wanted to keep. She and I also spread out the leaves that were meant for mulch in October and instead were dumped in a heap on the herb garden. I then replanted the garlic that had heaved out of the ground over the winter and added a big chunk that Rick dug out of the main garden. (Apparently we also missed a bunch of onions and carrots last fall. Let's consider it compost.)

And now, for your entertainment...a fun spring game...Name That Shoot:

(my guess is grape hyacinth)

(I'm hopin' for narcissus.)

(peony I believe)

Also still alive to fight another day...a hollyhock, day lilies, oregano, thyme, sage, lavender, lemon balm, blue speedwell and a bunch of myrtle. It's too early to tell about the swamp white oaks we planted last year, but I'm pretty sure all four new blueberries are still alive. Things look ok so far.

Kate and I also took on one more endeavor today, a strawberry pot. I found this at Wal-Mart (and can't find a link for you, sorry) a terra cotta pot and 9 strawberry plants with dirt ready for planting. As strawberries are my most favorite fruit every, I've got high hopes. Kate and I assembled it, and will be moving it in and out until the frost threat has passed...speaking of which, I'd better go get it off the porch. Ooops.

I'll keep you posted as the garden adventure continues. Trust me, with my penchant for forgetting things entirely, and my hatred of weeding, it's always interesting.

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