Friday, July 17, 2009

Pictures to follow

So we've packed up the kitchen sink again, and taken off for parts unknown. The drive was tolerable, with the bug taking a nice long nap, and the dog waiting until we were with a few miles of our destination to toss his cookies. I think it was the hills and curves. Found a nicely appointed rented cabin, set appropriately off the main road to not worry about the dog much in the yard. It was better set up than we expected, with washer and dryer, so I could rescue the blanket which caught the tossed cookies. We unloaded the van, spent a few minutes settling in, and then went for nice hike to Ash Cave. The main trail is handicap accessible, and very flat, but beyond the cave there are stairs, cliffs and steep grades. We had to be a bit careful because Rick was carrying Bug in the backpack, and we had the dog on a leash. Either or both of these loose cannons can throw you off balance without really trying. After we got back to the car we let Bug walk the easy trail again under her own steam. Back at the cabin Rick made up some fried summer squash and brats while I convinced Bug that a shower was really OK since there was no bath. Then we watched a movie until we all fell asleep. That's day one in the Hocking Hills.

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