Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hocking Hills- Last Day

I got up early to pack up everything, so Rick could wedge it all into the car, leaving room for the gigantic dog crate. (He doesn't actually ride in the thing, so it's fill with other stuff.) Spent the morning dealing with the usual mess of trying to pack while the rest of the family is still using the stuff I'm packing. Nothing like plucking wet toothbrushes out of people's mouths. We really wanted to get in another hike today, but we had to return our key by 11:00 and all the hiking was in the opposite direction. Hiking is no fun on a deadline, so we dropped the key and went to see Lake Logan instead. Not the most beautiful stop we made, but we walked everybody up the beach to a floating dock and back. At the end Karl got to have a good run back and forth between the three of us, and he burned off a good amount of energy. Then everybody was into the car, settled down and headed home. We got their really early. Early enough to catch my in-laws replanted a bare spot in our lawn. They meant it to be a surprise, but we came home early and surprised them. Ooops.

Last note on Hocking Hills...on Friday we saw the ambulance pull into Old Man's Cave just after we had been there. Didn't think much about it. Then, at work on Tuesday, I heard about this....very scary to think about. We probably passed this kid on the trail, and not an hour later...

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