Saturday, January 12, 2013

Post Christmas Surprise

Nona and Papa had one more surprise for Kate at the end of the Christmas season.

While all you can see from this movie is a couple horse rear ends, I assure you the experience was way more magical than it looks. We went to Ma and Pa's, a gift shack just a few miles up the road. It's our kind of place, for the plethora of moose themed gifts, if for no other reason, but there's much more. They try to sell locally made things, they have a resident dog, and all manner of goofy things you can only find in a place that calls itself a gift shop. My personal favorite were the mittens made from old sweaters. Fabulous. But back to the main event.

Two very lovely Percheron's took us on a beautiful ride through the snow covered woods to the sound of sleigh bells while we kept warm beneath a fur (faux of course) rug. Their names were Sissy and Gracie. (We didn't catch the name of the driver, you can see where our values lie. He was lovely as well.)

The weather was cold crisp and clear, just like it should be and while my descriptive abilities might not be up the challenge, trust me when I say this is a once in a lifetime experience. 

 We enjoyed hot cider, coffee and cookies inside after our ride, and purchased the obligatory souvenirs. (Nona is teaching Kate the importance of having something by which to remember important events. Since this involves buying her things, Katie is totally on board.) They selected a build-your-own log cabin replica of Ma and Pa's. Sadly when the kit said "you" can build it yourself, they meant "Papa" can build it while we watch, because it was a little beyond Kate's ability and patience. (Mine too, if I'm honest).
In closing...if it snows again, go if you can. It's totally worth it. Something you don't get to do very often, and will remember for a long time.

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