Monday, December 6, 2010

A Winter Day

It seems only yesterday we were enjoying the end of fall weather. Last night, however, winter showed up.

I was to drive to Kent today and present at a workshop. I'm particularly frustrated that on a day when I normally would stay home anyway, but on this particular one was scheduled to travel, I am snowed in. However, there are compensations:

Kate had a great time playing in the snow, and stopping every ten minutes to howl, "Snow in my glove, snow in my glove!" at which point I was required to remove my gloves, remove hers and dust all the snow away. Snow angels was a bit of a laborious process, made more so by the dog who is pretty sure he should help us when we are laying on our backs in the snow flapping around like gasping fish. He was really confused when he came to rescue us and we hollered at him to not ruin the angels. Fort Katie looks quite beautiful in the snow.

And my gardens are even more so since the snow means I have no responsibility to them whatsoever.

And what snow adventure is complete without hot chocolate?
In a tiny cup we found in the Christmas decorations. I wanted to hang them on the tree, but Kate was pretty sure they were just her size. You may spot a few tears in this picture. While wool socks are excellent for keeping little feet warm in snow boots, they are terribly slippery on the hardwood floor, and we had a wipeout.


Anonymous said...

aww, what a lovely way to spend a snow day! Sorry about the workshop. I had to be at an 8am meeting at work today, grr! But I learned how fast I can shovel my driveway. :-)

Diana said...

Aw, it's too bad Katie wiped out on the floor. I've done that a time or two. In fact, last night I wiped out outside, at dog walking time, and tore my hamstring. Owie!

You and Katie made good use of your snow day! Glad you had fun.