Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grandma's Make It Special

Kate is very lucky to have some spectacular grandmothers, and I'm even luckier. As a parent I finally appreciate the purpose of grandma's. Mommies take care of the basics: food, baths, tooth brushing. Grandma's can do these things too, but they do them with so much more style. Grandma's take the time to make stuff special. Grandma's have the things kids really need, not just the basics. For example, it is time for Kate to have a big girl bed. While I would have gotten the job done, mostly with the help of Wal-Mart,Grandma came through with a hand pieced, hand quilted bedspread made just for Kate. It's not just a bedspread, it's love that keeps you warm at night.

And we mustn't forget that Papa painted the bed too. I'll say it again, Kate's one lucky kid, but I'm even luckier.

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Diana said...

Wow, what a beautiful bed and a gorgeous quilt! I agree wholeheartedly with praise for both Mommies _and_ grandparents!