Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A big weekend

This weekend we turned four years old. I realize it's a little irritating that I always refer to it as we when it's my daughter's birthday, but honestly, it feels like a family achievement. It took all of us to make it to four, and it's gonna take all of us to make it to five. Bug's big gift was a bike, seen here.

My parents got her the magnifying glass she asked for:

She's still learning that it goes close to the object of interest, not your eye. She had a great party. Everyone had fun and I ordered pizza, wings and the cake, so no kitchen disaster to clean up. Yay me.
Her party was on Valentine's day and she and her daddy went out on Saturday and bought flowers, chocolate and cards for me and her grandmothers and great-grandmother who attended the party. Talk about shock. He has not gotten me flowers in years. It was really wonderful.

Check that out. Yarn at Christmas, flowers at valentine's day. Am I being buttered up for something?
And finally, the crowning achievement of the weekend, drum roll please:

I have knit a sock! I entered this pair of unfinished socks in Ravelympics, meaning I promised to begin working on them again during the opening ceremonies in Vancouver and finish the pair by the closing ceremonies. My experience with socks has been a bit rocky. These were pulled off the needles and jammed in a bag after the last attempt at a heel. Unfortunately, due to party prep, I could not begin my Ravelympics experience with the rest of the competitors on Friday night, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, I sat down on Sunday night and watched the whole ceremony online, as well as some mogul skiing and cross country. The result...I turned my first heel listening to K D Lang. One sock down, one to go.

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Diana said...

Us sockknitters are SO PROUD of you!

I'm so glad Bug had a happy Birthday, and that photo of her with the magnifying glass is just terrific! She should be Sherlock Holmes for her next Halloween costume.

Also, the Hubster gets major points for the roses. They are lovely. My daddy gave me a pink rose for Valentine's Day and I thought _that_ was awesome...

(Buster never gives me anything)