Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeds of Destruction

Tempted by a lush garden last year, and unduly influenced by authors like Barbara Kingsolver, I planted several rows of seeds this year, where in years past I put in mostly plants. After a number of days filled with desperate hope (I refuse to admit how many days) I am finally forced to the conclusion that the seeds are not going to sprout. My plants are merrily enjoying the rain and sun, while just a few feet to the north....scorched earth. Was it the cold, the dry, did some dastardly creature eat them, or was it the fact that I hung over the garden fence watching for them incessantly, and they are shy? Whatever the reason, I have given them up as lost, and moved on to a most important question: What now? More seeds, or shall I accept that seeds are too delicate for my brand of black thumb gardening and find some plants to fill in the empty space. Something large and lush that will make me forget the lovely pictures in the seed catalog that made me go mad and try this in the first place. Maybe a zucchini. They never fail me to produce. I'll keep you posted.

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