Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring, Summer, Back to Spring

So the garden season has begun, and I have a whole bunch of fragile little seedlings in my front room getting bigger by the minute. We had a small sliver of summer this past weekend, and they sprang up like jack-in-the-boxes. The weather has returned to it's normal dreary coolness, and now I'm left with this awesome responsibility: to keep these little babies alive without the assistance of mother nature (at least for a month.) I've never planted tomato seeds before, I always let someone else nurse them up to a manageable size. I find I'm completely nervous. I'm so afraid I'll somehow over or under water them, or let the dog whack them off the table with his tale and I'll be left with nothing but dirt and shattered dreams. It doesn't help that most of these little tomato babies are destined for the kids at the library, who will be crushed if I don't produce them in a month. I can handle my own crushed hopes, but the kids might do me in.

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