Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bed Time!

So it's time to put my garden to bed. It's had a pretty good year all around, although we lost most of the tomatoes to splitting, and the peppers never really came on like they should have. Bug and I went out yesterday and pulled out the remains of the tomatoes in the lower garden. There were still a few green babies on the big boy in the upper garden, but I figure the frost last night took care of them. I found a few more lost potatoes and took the heads off the last two GIANT sunflowers before pulling out the stalks. They probably would have benefited from staying in the ground to dry their seeds, but they looked terrible, hanging their heads over my dead garden and I couldn't stand it anymore. Pulling up those stalks was like uprooting little trees. They weighed a ton. I pulled the squash plants out sometime ago because they wouldn't stop making squash, so all that remains are the pepper plants, also probably fried in last nights frost and the perrenials that need put to bed. I'm dithering on what to do with my herbs. The dill is black and I really want to cut it off, but I'm not sure I should. But most importantly, the peonies and yucca are in, and the garlic is planted, so there is only to dispose of a few more plants and mulch mulch mulch. Then winter is welcome to stop by for a visit.

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