Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Busy Livin'

So, every night, I stand in my garden with the hose and compose a blog post. Then, once the garden is watered, and the kid's in bed, and the laundry is folded, I... fall asleep. No blog, no post, no pics, just the backs of my eyelids. So, here is a random list of what I should have been saying for the past month, but didn't.

1. We visited Pittsburgh which deserves its own post but the short version is aviary and science center are awesome, driving is not so much. Kate got to hand feed a lorakeet and we got to see a falcon and some black kites fly on the roof. Completely awesome.

2. Garden, should also have its own post. The yucca bloomed for the first time ever and the hollyhock is doing well. The nasturtiums are pretty great, growing like crazy and blooming too. I trapped 10 strawberry runners and transferred them to my new growbed, so next year the strawberries won't be directly under the bird feeder (seriously bad idea). Kate's zinnias are blooming as well.

3. Harvest is also going well. I've frozen some broccoli, and am currently canning pickles. I'm not sure how well it's going, but it's a little bit fun instead of a little bit scary. I thought for sure a few pints of pickles would use up the crop, but it seems I'll have another round soon.

4. I have come into possession of a borrowed spinning wheel with which to further my fiber obsession. And extremely kind friend of my aunt's sent the wheel home with me almost before she met me, and I've put it to some use in the last month.

5. The finished yarn went with me to dyeing day, our second annual. My dear friends Diana and Sarah have been kind enough to include me in their pastime, dyeing natural fibers. It's a whole day out doors (this year on Sarah's deck surrounded by her collection of plants.) using dye, vinegar, and a microwave to create beautiful colors on our bare yarn.

6. Kate had a banner vacation with her Nona and Papa last week. They took her to the cottage at Lake Erie and then to Geneva on the Lake for the day. She got to do mini golf, bumper boats, go carts and lots of other cool things. She thought it was awesome and frankly so did I because I hate that stuff, and so I didn't have to do it. Yay.

7. Finally, Kate had her very first haircut. Yes, that's right, she's five years old and we've never done anything but trim her bangs. Her hair just doesn't seem to grow, it doesn't even touch the collar of her shirt. But it was kinda crazy with the curls and all, so we decided to give it a little shape. She was very well behaved, and doesn't care much about the hair because she got her little nails painted and that was the BEST.

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Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

Yes - you have been busy living! And spinning...YAY!
Have fun.