Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Log

Kate and I planted two Dahlia tubers and cut back the old growth on the frog's tongue, oregano,lavender, sage, lemon balm.
The hollyhock
and veronica
are coming along well, as are the peony.

I still dearly love my perennials because they come back with very little work so far. The bulbs are also paying off well.
and my narcissus are doing well.
However, it is all for naught if the rain never stops. It is pouring now, and the water has no where to go. The ground, cricks, the rivers, the lakes, everything is full. Soon the basement will be as well.

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Diana said...

The thing I love about peonies is that the more you leave them alone, the better they like it. Mine are up and running as well!