Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The easy part?

Last year at this time I started a project called the "Block a Month" afghan in which I assigned myself to knit one block each month last year to create an afghan this January. Round about March I had the brilliant idea to knit two blocks per month, each using a different stitch pattern. The idea was to learn new techniques, so each square had it's own challenge, not the least of which was making each of them come out the same size. I confess I didn't really achieve that part. And so...
The hardest part of the project turns out to be piecing the darn thing together. Here's what the process looks like.
It requires blocking, picking up stitches, pretzel pieces, chai tea, and a very large mess. I'll let you know how things go.

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Goldiebug said...

Wow, that does look hard. I thought you could just hold them in your hands and stitch them together. No? Guess not. (I know nothing about needlework, obviously) But the blocks are very pretty, nice color choices!