Friday, May 29, 2009

Take that Bunnies!

We are high class with the garden this year. My husband tends to go overboard with any construction project, so the garden that was surrounded by chicken wire last year, this year looks like this:

Take that hungry bunnies, you will have to be satisfied with the clover growing in the yard.

This is also my first good year for returning perennials. I highly recommend gardening this way. I have not planted a single flower and we have this:

It's Dame's Rocket, actually a biannual, but still, didn't require any work this year but to unearth it from the surrounding weeds. And we have this:

It's blue speedwell. Thanks Gloria!

Currently only one problem remains. I planted my herbs outside the fence, and the dopey dog keeps eating my row markers. (They are made of PVC pipe.) He's not so bright about gardening. I think he stepped on and broke my new Rosemary as well. He is a little harder to control than bunnies.

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