Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wild Night

The bug enjoyed a new experience today. (I mean besides being utterly spoiled by her Nona and Papa which is in no way new) We enjoyed Sunday Dinner at Great Grandma's house before we visited Wild Nights. They have blocked off a large section of the lodge with black fabric so you are walking through a cave. You can push buttons to see different underground animals, check out the soil strata, crawl through an ant tunnel (which the bug passed on) and view a whole panorama of nightime woods, complete with stuffed local wildlife. This is a park exhibit, not a zoo, so, apart from a few fish and reptiles, nothing was alive, but it was all very interested and kept the bug's attention pretty well. (Although I don't know how often her Papa snuck her a candy heart, so that could have been the source of her satisfaction.) Our little almost-three year old is showing signs of leaving toddlerhood behind. She is, at times, rational, and able to follow simple direction. At other times, I'm sure she is being possessed by a demon. We have our good days, and our bad days. Today was a pretty good one. Tomorrow may prove to be completely different.

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