Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Two-Year-Olds

So, life wasn't complicated enough. I really needed to spend more of my time worrying about digestive functions (and cleaning them up when the go awry) so we got a puppy. At twelve weeks, he was only ten pounds lighter than the Bug, and they were both at about the same stage in the potty training. (Two weeks later, he's much better at it than Bug.) His name is Karl and he's gonna be big. He's got giant feet, and the funniest little loping run that I've ever seen. I have a feeling that, at full size, if he wants to run, he won't stop until he hits the next state. (The fencing is going in soon.) He's eating everything he can find, and growing like a weed. (Bug's eating pretty good too, and may be 6 ft. by the second grade. I hope she likes basektball.) So now, just when I'm getting started on a project, or cleaning or any of the other million things I need to do around the house, the Bug comes to find me and says, "Go for a walkies?" and the puppy is behind her with his tail going a mile a minute, and only a really mean person would say no. Off we go to the playground, which my kid learned really fast is the real meaning of walkies, and I'm running out of clean underwear because I can't get the laundry done. Bug doesn't care, she's still in diapers.

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Diana said...

You are failing in your duty to the dog lovers of the world. Grab a camera and take a picture of Karl!!! Pretty please!